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Our success is directly related to how the residents, guests, family members, business partners, owners and local organizations feel about the services and care we provide. Vivage values the feedback we receive and works diligently in every aspect of the company to ensure satisfaction in all areas of service and care we offer.

They (Clear Creek) were highly recommended to us at his Dr's. office. They said it was the best place to go for rehabilitation. We would highly recommend them. I appreciated the nurses and everyone that worked with Michael. They were caring and concerned about his health and mobility. I did dine with him one day, and I thought it was excellent service. The food was very good and I was impressed with their meals. We were happy that Michael went there and think they did an excellent job. It was an excellent facility. I like the staff, the dining room and the food.

Excerpt from Pinnacle Satisfac

Our company has had a positive relationship with Rowan Community since 2007. We have provided companion services for several male and female residents at Rowan at the request of families and Rowan administrators. Working alongside the staff and administration at Rowan Community has been a valued and rewarding history of each company's shared health and safety commitments to Rowan Community residents. We are especially appreciative of the direction and cooperation provided by Tammy, Director of Admissions, at Rowan Community. Her knowledge of and concern for each resident's health plus her dedication to give each resident the highest possible quality of life motivates us to also provide quality services to each resident. Tammy and her staff have always shown a strong commitment to the needs of each resident. Tammy always has time for a resident, even when she is very busy handling several projects at the same time.

Rita L, Owner

Thank you so much for meeting with me regarding the Care Conference for my son. Speaking for myself and also for my family, we appreciate so much the things you do for (him) while he is in residence at Rowan Community. He had been in several other previous assisted living places that were not nearly so nice and when we saw Rowan we knew that we wanted him to be there. You have such an outstanding staff that displays patience and empathy for each residence. It just astonishes me so much when I see the manner in which you and the entire staff treat each resident with grace, respect and loving care. When I see such organization in action, through experience, I have learned that places that exhibit such excellence in care have a great leader. Certainly Maxine filled the bill very well and brought to Rowan a special resonance that exists with each employee in how they interact with each resident and with each other.

Dwaine R.
"Thank you" is an inadequate expression of my gratitude and appreciation for everything provided in caring and loving for my mom. Fairacres is doing everything right for the residents and families. I appreciate how not only did you care for my mom, but also for me as we all went on this journey together. Family Member of Resident at F

My stay at Clear Creek Care Center was the best experience I have had at a healthcare center. Even though I was away from home for 2 months, Clear Creek was warm and friendly and the staff made my stay enjoyable. The physical therapists were excellent and helped me work really hard to achieve my goals. All the staff members were kind and helpful and were always willing to go above and beyond to care for me and make sure I was comfortable. I know the nurses and CNAs are busy caring for lots of patients, but I was always attended to quickly and they were always there when I needed them. I am aware that Clear Creek has a five star rating. If it was up to me I would give them ten stars!

Shirley O.

No need to keep my responses confidential. I told everyone there that they were great and they gave me my life back! What is there not to like! It is very clean. Personnel are courteous, helpful and very knowledgeable. Everyone I met was exceptional.

Resident at Clear Creek Care C

The people at Clear Creek are great, especially the nurses. They are on the ball and wanted to help me all the time. Nurse Stephens is the nicest nurse you have. She is lovable and very helpful to me - to sit and comfort me with my loss of Jim, my husband. She knows that talking to me and giving me hugs when I needed and help with tears when they fall so much. I'm so thankful to have her as a friend now and 5 years ago. She can't be beat. I love Clear Creek and all that goes with it.

Resident at Clear Creek Care C

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the care and attention that you have provided to my sister since her arrival at The Rowan Community. Since moving to Rowan, Carol has made tremendous strides both physically and mentally and we thank you and your team for an exceptional level of service.

When our family first toured your facility, we could feel the warmth of the facility and happiness of your staff. We hoped from the outset that this initial impression would be followed by top drawer service and we were fortunate to have had our expectations not only met, but exceeded.

Carol is flourishing in your care and for that, we can't thank you enough. On behalf of my family, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


To each and every one of the nurses, the physical therapists and the support staff that work on Union Station at Highline Rehabilitation and Care Community, each and every one of you worked together to make my stay at Highline a valuable part of my recovery process. Thank you so much from the "bottom of my heart"! I am very pleased to be back in my own home and that I am able, once again, to drive my car to my daily radiation treatments at Denver Oncology, which is inside Porter Adventist Hospital. However, I must admit that I miss your smiling faces, your pleasant conversations and your encouraging words! I am more than grateful to each and every one of you for treating me with so much respect and kindness. I am grateful for the steady faithfulness and devotion you demonstrated towards me when I was a patient at Highline Rehabilitation. Thank you many times over!

With kindest personal regards,

Kathryn J. Kirch
I like that I have a family at Sierra. This is my home. Kathy G

I love living here.. It's my home now. I took that big rabbit for a ride on my walker. John Stewart The Administrator here at the Green House wore the Easter Bunny costume and Bill knew it was him! We're a family here we laugh, we cry, we love!


I needed extra help and the Green House was here for me... I am so pleased to be here. It's a small setting and I made a new family here... and my real family comes to visit me all the time. I am having all my girlfriends over for lunch here at my house next week. I can't wait to show them where I live.


have made wonderful friendships here! My buddies who I pal around with. I love the staff, they cook for me, take me for walks and Eddie tells me jokes!


Fabulous care. The staff are personable and caring. The PT and OT are knowledgeable and offer rehab at the right pace. After 16 days there, my husband certainly got to know everyone with hugs all around when we left this morning.

Carol N.

I was a resident at your facility in Grand Junction, Colorado, after having an emergency hip surgery, at St Saint Mary's Hospital. Eagle Ridge of the Grand Valley was my first, for being a patient, of a nursing home, instead of a volunteer, or a visitor. I remember when we arrived at the home, there was an employee waiting outside the entrance, to help me in, being that I was using a wheelchair. The employee not only gave me comfort, that everything would be alright, but went way beyond her duties, to make sure that I was settled into my room, well past her scheduled work day. With every day that went by at the home, I realized that everybody that worked at the home seemed to have the caring attitude that employee had shown to me on my first day. From the nurses, to the physical therapy, there was a sense of caring for me, and the attitude that I was going to get better, every day that I was in the home. I still can't believe how well I was treated at the facility.

Henry Well

I am personal friends with a mother of one of your new rehab guests. From the start, (we were) impressed with the warm reception and kindness of the team as well as the cleanliness of the building. …she was instantly impressed with the team and the way she felt supported and encouraged, stating that she was so much happier there than in the hospital. …also shared how much she felt that her opinions as a mother and caregiver were valued by the care team and her input sought in the difficult situations in her daughter's care. … so grateful for the loving care and support they have receive, especially for the bright days and encouragement your team has offered them. Thanks to your team for doing everything for this family.

Kelly O., Professional Senior Service Provider Written about Vivage’s Amberwood Rehabilitation and Care Community in Denver

I became a resident…late July 2015. Since that time I have had the pleasure of experiencing wonderful food presented to the residents….quality of freshness, presentation of table service, and new and exciting foods…. It is not an exaggeration to say that dining (here) is quite like dining out at one of Denver’s fine restaurants…thank you!

John S., Resident Written about Vivage’s Christopher House Rehabilitation and Care Community, Wheat Ridge

Rarely have I worked with an organization as committed to excellence and a passion to serve as Vivage and its employees. As a leader in the industry we could not have accomplished our vision for our Green House Homes without Vivage’s leadership and guidance. They are great stewards of our assets; and most importantly, they look after and care for our elders as if they were their parents.

Samuel G. Betters, Executive Director, Loveland Housing Authority

As Community Relations Director, I am contacting you to let you know how wonderful the staff of Fairacres was to us, and to my Dad; especially during the time of his passing. My mom, sister and I felt so cared for and it was such a gift to us to hear the staff's affirmations and affection for my Dad. Those are memories that I will carry with me. In his final hours, they cared for him in such a loving manner and took the time to tell him goodbye. We will miss the people we've come to know at Fairacres. Please extend our appreciation to everyone who cared for my dad, George. Thank you so very much.

Janet Okerman, Daughter of a resident Written about Vivage’s Fairacres Manor

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