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Cultivating Experts in the Senior Housing Industry

At Vivage, we believe that our success lies in cultivating experts. This is why we offer tailored strategies and solutions to investors, organizational leaders, and employees.

Vivage Consulting, a division of Vivage Senior Living, is a solution-driven company. With a team of specialists, a wealth of industry expertise, and established fiscal, operational, and clinical systems, Vivage Consulting Services can help you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

We bring a team of leading national experts in all key operational, clinical, and market strategy areas. Vivage partners with many active aging organizations to deliver resources and information on technological solutions and innovations for senior healthcare and housing.

  • Post-Hospitalization Rehab
  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Long-Term Care

We can help you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, freeing you to focus on what matters most.

Why Use Consulting Services?

Our success is directly related to how the residents, guests, family members, business partners, owners and local organizations feel about the services and care we provide. Vivage values the feedback we receive and works diligently in every aspect of the company to ensure satisfaction in all areas of service and care we offer.

“Based on a national average, CMS penalties for skilled nursing properties had been on the rise from 2016 to the third quarter of 2019 (NIC).” Vivage Consulting provides the tools and processes organizations need to achieve and maintain compliance.

CMS Penalty-Vivage

Clinical Management

  • Clinical consultation and oversight by a team of licensed nurses, social workers, dieticians, therapeutic recreation specialists, and health information management personnel
  • An interdisciplinary team of consultants to implement and monitor regulatory compliance
  • Ongoing education and updates on changes in policy, legislation, and reimbursement
  • Support with vendor selection, performance, contract management, pricing, and ongoing service evaluation of contract providers
  • Licensure survey and life safety management and pre-survey preparation

Operations Management

  • Nursing Home Administrator performance monitoring and mentoring
  • Management systems review
  • Assistance with Human Resources, personnel issues, labor law compliance
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Risk management monitoring
  • Operations site visits to review operational/financial outcomes
  • Assistance with Department Manager selection and development
  • Environmental consultation and regulatory compliance monitoring, including state and federal life safety, OSHA, and NFPA

Financial Management

  • Training and assistance on budget management responsibilities
  • Hiring assistance, orientation, ongoing professional development, and performance evaluation of financial office personnel
  • Reimbursement analysis and management
  • Financial Field Analyst consulting services and financial audits of KPIs
  • A/R reduction focus
  • Payroll and staffing support
  • Monthly financial statement preparation and owner presentation
  • Cost report preparation & strategic reimbursement
  • Budget development and internal accounting controls
  • Cash flow management
  • Contract review and management assistance
  • Vendor selection and management assistance with group pricing benefits

Life Enhancement

  • Education to staff on person-directed care
  • Development of innovative person-centered care models, including the Green House models
  • Organizational redesign visioning and action planning
  • Development of management staff in growing empowered work teams
  • Leadership growth and development
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Cultural/climate assessment surveys
  • Wellness training in Alternative Complementary Therapies
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s training

Occupancy Management

  • Assistance with hiring, orientation, and ongoing professional development of Marketing and Admissions staff
  • Market and competitor analysis for strategic positioning in market
  • Niche and service specialization development
  • Referral source relationship development
  • Customer service education to staff
  • Marketing/Business Development consultant
  • Admissions systems to meet regulations and business requirements
  • Public relations, social media, collateral materials development
  • External trade shows, exhibits, and events to promote community relations
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

We don’t just consult. We live this every day.

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