Colorado Public Radio (CPR) featured Hope Carwile, Dementia Specialist, Vivage Senior Living on a recent Colorado Matters podcast, to discuss “How Virtual Reality Can Share What Dementia Feels Like.” Avery Lill of CPR brought together Hope with a local family member of someone living with dementia, to discuss the Virtual Dementia Tour experience founded by Second Wind Dreams in Atlanta, Georgia. Hope, and other Vivage guides have been trained to provide the VR Tour to help professionals, caregivers, and family members be able to better understand the experience of someone living with dementia. Vivage has partnered with many local organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association to offer this training over the past 5 years. To experience the Virtual Dementia Tour through Vivage or to learn more about our dementia education, contact Hope Carwile at (303) 238-3838. The podcast link to the podcast is