Vivage Senior Living now offers a new line of business to Skilled Nursing Facilities that are hospital owned and operated. Led by Vivage’s Executive Consultant, Treg Warnsholz, MBA, NHA, Vivage is providing comprehensive Operational Assessments to hospital leadership, to help evaluate and develop efficient skilled nursing operations that can serve to enhance the overall health system continuum. Recent articles nationwide have pointed to many hospital-based SNF’s struggling financially and operationally, often requiring extensive financial subsidization from the hospital. Vivage’s Operational Assessment has been used successfully to help hospital leadership utilize proven SNF operational strategies and performance models that can serve to create improved efficiency while maintaining high quality of care delivery. According to Doug McMillan, CEO of Cody Regional Health in Cody, Wyoming, “Vivage did a great job in understanding our systems and providing recommendations to maximize our potential.” In addition to looking at financial, staffing, care delivery, and operational tools provided, Vivage’s SNF Operational Assessment also serves to provide preparation and staff training for the many regulatory and reimbursement changes SNF’s are facing. For more information on this program, contact Vivage at 303-238-3838.