Vivage Senior Living communities have been selected to participate in Brown University’s “Heroes in Prevention” study with Kimberly-Clark on infection control innovative procedures and systems. Rosa Baier, Associate Director of Brown University’s Center for Long-Term Care Quality & Innovation, helped coordinate this effort as part of Brown’s support for post-acute and long term care providers looking for help testing their ideas (or seeking to participate in research). “The Q&I center is focused on interventional research,” Baier says. “What that means, in a practical sense, is that we’re seeking innovative practices that can improve quality for people receiving post-acute and long term care. Our goal is to identify providers or others with promising interventions, and then to collaborate to test and spread successes around the profession. The Center’s mission is to promote and improve health, health care and health-related quality of life of older and middle-aged persons with chronic disease by conducting research in health services and gerontology”. Over the course of 10 months, staff in facilities randomized to receive the intervention will receive education, incorporate the intervention into their daily workflow (a few minutes a day) and share data—both to obtain feedback and to evaluate the intervention’s Overall impact. Participation benefits include free education and products from Kimberly‐Clark. Cynthia Haskell, Chief Clinical Officer for Vivage, is overseeing the Vivage team involvement in the study. The study was also featured in the October 20, 2015 AHCA Provider Nation news.