The Town of Holyoke, Colorado

Sitting on the golden plains of northeastern Colorado, Holyoke serves as a haven for the small-town lifestyle with a population of roughly 2,300 people. Aligning with the ideals of Regent Park Nursing and Rehabilitation, the town of Holyoke supports living life at your own pace.

Holyoke is truly a “City of Pride and Progress.” The collective of Holyoke is proud of the wonderful quality of life and cost of living it offers along with providing all of the essential services.

When visiting, a Historic Walking Tour is definitely in order! You will find a lively downtown with its rebuilt historic movie theatre and various shopping opportunities. Don’t forget the Phillips County Museum, which houses a rich collection of Indian and pioneer artifacts, farm equipment, and restored buildings. Throughout the city, you will see examples of our community’s deep appreciation for history. Phillips County has a wide variety of wildlife species and over 30,000 acres of walk-in access land.

If you are looking for a safe, wonderful community to get away from the busy city life, Holyoke is the place.

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