An Eden Alternative® Certified Community

About Holly Nursing Care Center

Holly Nursing Care Center is a skilled nursing community believing in healthy living, person-directed care, and nontraditional approaches to meeting the everyday needs of individuals. We have been proudly serving the community for over 30 years.

Our intimate community, open living areas, and simple layout add to a warm atmosphere where all can continue to live life at their own pace. Our compassionate team members work with each individual, their family, and physician to develop a plan of care supporting individuals in their desire to continue living a meaningful and purposeful life.

The Eden Alternative® Philosophy

The Eden Alternative® approach to caregiving is more than medical care. It is about improving the well-being of individuals and their care partners. At Holly Nursing Care Center, we share the Eden Alternative® values of innovation, integrity, community, empowerment, and passion.

The Ten Principles of the Eden Alternative®

  • Principle One: Loneliness, helplessness, and boredom are painful and destructive to our health and well-being.
  • Principle Two: A caring, inclusive, and vibrant community enables all of us, regardless of age or ability, to experience well-being.
  • Principle Three: We thrive when we have easy access to the companionship we desire. This is the antidote to loneliness.
  • Principle Four: We thrive when we have purpose and the opportunity to give, as well as receive. This is the antidote to helplessness.
  • Principle Five: We thrive when we have variety, spontaneity, and unexpected happenings in our lives. This is the antidote to boredom.
  • Principle Six: Meaningless activity corrodes the human spirit. Meaning is unique to each of us and is essential to health and well-being.
  • Principle Seven: We are more than our medical diagnoses. Medical treatment should support and empower us to experience a life worth living.
  • Principle Eight: Decision-making must involve those most impacted by the decision. Empowerment activates choice, autonomy, and influence.
  • Principle Nine: Building a collaborative and resilient culture is a never-ending process. We need to keep learning, developing, and adapting.
  • Principle Ten: Wise leadership is the key to meaningful and lasting change. For it, there can be no substitute.

The Town of Holly, Colorado

With a population of around 1,020 people, Holly, Colorado, serves as a haven for the small-town lifestyle. Aligning with the ideals of Holly Nursing Care Center, the town of Holly supports living life at your own pace.

Incorporated in 1903, this town holds a lot of history. In fact, the original town architecture is still in place today. This community allows individuals to enjoy a simple, rural lifestyle with kind, supportive neighbors.

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