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About Cambridge Care Center

At the heart of our service is an understanding of the need for focusing on personalized services conducive for care, healing and creating a sense of well-being for those in need, including individuals living with behavioral health challenges.

Tending to the emotional, psychological, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social elements of health and wellness, we adjust our programs to meet the ever-changing needs and journeys of the individuals we serve.

The City of Lakewood, Colorado

Cambridge Care Center is located just outside of Denver, Colorado. The city of Lakewood lies amongst beautiful scenery overlooked by the Rocky Mountains’ Green Mountain and is home to over 99 parks, green belts, and nature trails.

We invite residents and guests to discover Lakewood, Colorado’s local history at Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park. With 15 historic buildings, both rotating and permanent exhibits, an outdoor amphitheater, and more, visitors can explore the history of the community and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Clements Community Center hosts various activities, programs, classes, and trips for individuals aged 55 and older. The wide range of activities and events are held both indoors and outdoors, so there is bound to be something for everyone to take part in and enjoy.

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