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Skilling Nursing and Post-Hospitalization Rehabilitation Services

Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center is a skilled nursing community offering person-centered rehabilitation and long-term care for individuals in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the surrounding areas.

A Community in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center is dedicated to providing a wide array of care options. From skilled short-term rehabilitation to long-term nursing care, our care options are designed for the “whole person” with rehabilitation and recovery at the center of the wellness journey.

What We Offer: Services and Amenities

Rehabilitation and Wellness

We specialize in providing post-hospitalization rehabilitation care for short-term needs after surgery or other hospital stays. Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center’s on-site therapists and clinical team members provide care and treatment for a broad range of medical needs, including stroke recovery, fractures, hip and knee replacement, heart or respiratory issues, and other conditions requiring therapeutic support following hospitalization.

Levels of Care

Providing the Right Care

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To ensure optimal health, Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, offers a rehabilitation team of physical, occupational, and speech-language therapists. For individuals returning home, we provide an Outpatient Therapy program to support continuity of care and continued recovery.

Skilled Nursing and Chronic Disease Management

Our skilled nursing team provides complex clinical care such as IV (Infusion) therapy, wound care, and chronic disease management. Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center also offers respiratory therapy as a therapeutic intervention for lung health, and on-site physician visits offer convenience, expertise, medical oversight, and coordination of care.

Short-Term Stay & Respite Care

No matter the length of stay, Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center provides person-centered care and opportunities to incorporate interests, activities, and engagement. We aim to make it easy for guests to create meaningful connections with others who are navigating similar experiences.

Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center offers respite care for individuals when at-home personal caregivers are unavailable. During their stay with us, your loved one will receive care and support in a safe, comfortable environment that promotes well-being.

Hospice and Comfort Care

Our End of Life programming and comfort care services, including hospice and palliative care, focus on symptom management, pain relief, and end-of-life wishes. Team members at Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center customize care plans for each individual, and we do everything we can to ensure residents live comfortably during their last chapter of life.

We Are Here for You and Your Family

At Parkmoor Village Healthcare Center, we want to be a resource to our community, residents, and families. We are available to answer any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding our senior living community or the services and care we offer.

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